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  •  by Dustin Snipes on  December 1, 2008 |
    Photoshoot, Portrait, sports |

    I had the privilege to photograph a boxer a few weeks ago and here is one of my favorite shots from the short session. I had to place black stretching mats behind the ropes because there were large mirrors surrounding the ring. I placed them behind the ropes so I wouldn’t get a lot of reflection from the light and so you wouldn̵ [...]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on   |
    Photoshoot, portraits |

    So, its been a long time since my last entry, I know. I have a few excuses! I swear! First, the magazines I work for have to print the photos before I can post them. Second, I’m lazy. OK, well I’m not lazy, but over the past few months I have been neglecting my blog. That is going to change. I am going to try and blog a lot mo [...]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  September 8, 2008 |
    portraits |

    About a month or so ago I shot a few portraits of Jane Rah, a high school golf rock star who has already played in the LPGA tour. Here are some of my favorites and a few set ups. Sorry, I dont have more. It was a rush to get all the photos we needed in before the sunset. We met around 6:30 so we wouldn’t have to deal with such harsh lig [...]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  July 6, 2008 |
    featured, Photoshoot, portraits |

    Last month I went to Tucson AZ for the Arizona Cactus Classic. It is a tournament for all the top high school basketball players in the country, we are talking next Lebron and kobe here. My job was to get portraits of all the players.
    I was first set up (by the tournament people) in a room with very little to work with. About three feet [...]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  November 17, 2007 |
    Composite, featured |

    If you want one, leave your address! When there printed, Ill send you one.
    This year, I wanted to do something fun for our christmas card. We always plan out one but never follow through with it. So this year I had to go all out. What better way to start, than with a crude 1st grader like drawing that took about a minute.

    Then we add th [...]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  November 9, 2007 |
    featured, Uncategorized |

    One room, one chair (which i stole from the lobby..err ask politely for), and like 30 people with an average of 1-5 min each. Here are some of my favorites.
    Remember to click on the photos for larger sizes and true color.

    Bryce Taylor, Oregon

    Taj Gibson, USC

    O.J. Mayo, USC

    Kevin Love, UCLA
    Dustin Snipes, Awesomeville

    The set up, it w [...]

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