•  by Dustin Snipes on  December 16, 2013 |
    Behind the scenes, Photoshoot, Portrait |

    When I was asked a few months back by Muscle & Fitness if I wanted to photograph Arnold Schwarzenegger for their October 2013 cover, there was zero hesitation in saying yes.How could I resist? Arnold is a legend, and I love his movies. Also, he’s probably the guy they base the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World off of. (T […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  September 5, 2013 |
    Quick post, Video |

    Here is a 15 second teaser video Alex Glass made of a photoshoot with Olympic Hurdler David Oliver.

    Photo caption: Olympic hurdler David Oliver looks at a shot from the photoshoot as Chris Garrison (left), photographer Dustin Snipes (the small guy in the middle) and assistant Patrick Cain (the only guy willing to wear flannel in FL) hu […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  December 6, 2008 |
    featured, portraits |

    Here are some portraits I did for ESPN Rise magazine on one of the top female basketball players in the country. She was great to work with and was a natural in front of the camera.
    Plus I felt pretty short next to here (shes 6’2).
    This was for a cover and inside feature story so I tried to get some photos in her normal clothes as w […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  September 30, 2008 |
    Portrait, portraits |

    I just got a few tear sheets (PDF’s) from ESPN Rise magazine the other day as well as a nice surprise from SI in the mail.
    These photos where chosen by the magazine but were part of my initial edit when I sent them the raw files.
    The rise magazine photos booth ran at a page and a quarter (or so).