Portrait: Man in a sugar cane field

by Dustin Snipes on  December 1, 2008 |

So, its been a long time since my last entry, I know. I have a few excuses! I swear! First, the magazines I work for have to print the photos before I can post them. Second, I’m lazy. OK, well I’m not lazy, but over the past few months I have been neglecting my blog. That is going to change. I am going to try and blog a lot more often. I have a few blogs I am going to try and post this week starting with this one, so please stay tuned.

For this shoot I was in Hawaii for one of my friends from highs schools wedding. He asked if I could come by and bring my camera and In return he would pay for mine and my wife’s plane tickets and condo stay for a week. Not a bad deal if I say so. He also gave me a little cash πŸ™‚

Every day we drove by this sugar cane field on the way to the beach I wanted to stop and take a photo in, so finally on the day of there wedding the brides hair and makeup was late so I had an extra hour to kill. I took the my friend and his best man out to the field and did a few shots. This is my favorite one.

I used one Strip box with a grid on the front. The box was set up in the front right vertically. There wasn’t much going in the photo so I decided to have his best man throw up his tie to make it look like it was flying in the wind. I later added a plane in photoshop. There were planes coming and going over that location but we had very little time to shoot and he really wanted it in there.


Model: Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Firmware: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh
Lens (mm): 24
ISO: 100
Aperture: 9
Shutter: 1/160

9 comments on “Portrait: Man in a sugar cane field”
  1. vincent de vries | | Reply

    Hi Dustin, very cool shot!! Nice movement in the tie, after telling it was artificial it only got a bit weird cause the sugarcane seems to be blowing the oposite direction when I looked a 2nd time. Love the light (whats the equipment?).
    Looking very much forward to your next post
    Very inspiring stuff
    Cheers Vincent

  2. Dustin | | Reply


    Hey Vincent, If I remember correctly, I dont think it was windy at all and that is the main reason I threw the tie up. I think the sugar cane was just nautrally bending over like that its very flimsy near the top.

    I was using an Alien Bee AB800 with a Alien bee strip box and a vagabond II battery pack.


  3. Alex G | | Reply


    It would be absolutely sweet if you could post before and after shots so we can see which light is your photoshop magic. As a beginner it’s very hard to to select your own shots because i don’t have the “vision” of what could be done with them yet… Without seeing the original it’s hard to get into a mind of a pro in terms of shot selection.


  4. Debbi_in_California | | Reply

    I missed your posting, (I would check everyday). Thanks for the setup stuff!

  5. vincent de vries | | Reply

    Hi Dustin, you know what? It just an awesome shot πŸ™‚ as is the boxer by the way!!
    I love your way of lighting and your post-prod, I always have been a softbox and umbrella man and never got into ringlights and beautydishes (never got into fashion really). Since about a year I am mucking about with the multiple small strobes syndrome to great satisfaction. I heard about the Alien Bees, not sure if they hit Europe really, I think location ‘big’ lights here are the elincrome rangers. It all makes me very eager to go well beyond my own Β΄stick to my fail safe old fashioned lighting’ in which I got stuck some 10 years ago. I am having a blast again with shooting! So please keep on posting this inspiring stuff.
    Cheers Vincent

  6. Dan Depew | | Reply


    I too have been checking back weekly. Learned a lot from some of your previous posts.

    I’d also like to know where you begin in post. πŸ™‚


  7. Ben | | Reply

    Lemme guess…you were at the Pu’unene sugar cane fields off the Mokulele Highway on Maui? Just a wild guess…..

    i admire your work a lot. I love the lighting and post work! Good stuff.

  8. Shadi | | Reply


    Great shot as usual…. where are the wedding shots πŸ™‚ ? would be interesting to see your work there…

    The gridded softbox causes a faster fall off ? no ?

    Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of respect for people like you, and it’s not because of your amazing photography skills.


  9. Alexander Gowers | | Reply

    I noticed a lot of what you blog is being posted in the adobe rgb 1998 colour profile. So is diplaying in mozilla with reduced saturation etc. I was just wondering whether this was intentional as photoshop and a few progs still read the colour profile and apply the correction. If displayed as sRGB for the internet it displays with more colour and punch (but perhaphs not better, just different)

    Personally i like the desaturated look but i was really just wondering why display on the net with adobe rgb 1998?



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