Recent tearsheets, including a Cover!

by Dustin Snipes on  September 30, 2008 |

I just got a few tear sheets (PDF’s) from ESPN Rise magazine the other day as well as a nice surprise from SI in the mail.

These photos where chosen by the magazine but were part of my initial edit when I sent them the raw files.

The rise magazine photos booth ran at a page and a quarter (or so).

(this is a scan from the magazine)

This photo was taken during the 70 Portraits in 2 Days shoot. (Click on the link for behind the scenes photos.) This is the number one player in high school right now. Remember the name John Wall hes going to be pretty big in about a year.

The photo above was part of the Cross Country Girls photo shoot I previous blogged about.

12 comments on “Recent tearsheets, including a Cover!”
  1. Mark J Rebilas | | Reply

    First! JK awesome job man. Those are some damn nice tearsheets for the old resume. Now you need to get some leading offs and zooms like your mentor!

    Love Mark

  2. Michael | | Reply

    Wow, congratulations! These are some great photos!
    Thanks for updating, I love your blog.

  3. Jacob DeRotar | | Reply


  4. Steven The Camera Dude | | Reply

    Cool stuff. Where are the behind the scenes photos for the football photos?

    Thank you,

  5. Ed | | Reply

    Dustin – Great shots and congrats on the cover and tear sheets.


  6. Renee | | Reply

    so proud of you son!!

  7. Ryan | | Reply

    Great photos and tearsheets. Awesome stuff, congrats. I love reading your blog. I learn something new with each new post. I appreciate the hard work you put in. Keep posting!


  8. cas | | Reply

    Really nice work;) Do you send your RAW files to your costumers? :O

  9. Dustin | | Reply

    Hey Cas,

    It depends on the client. Certain magazines like ESPN and SI want RAW files. Others want me to do all the processing, but most of the time I will send the RAW and a toned up version. Just to give them an idea.


  10. Dustin | | Reply

    This stuff is awesome. Your my new hero.

  11. Terry Reinert | | Reply

    Congrats on the cover and the tear sheets! You’re photos rock. Keep it up!!

  12. steve | | Reply

    Can’t see anything… did you pull it down?


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