A photo that is not sports related!?

by Dustin Snipes on  May 8, 2008 |

Portrait on a Tram

I know, I know. Its weird. But I do take photos of things that do not have a stick and ball in them.
This was an impromptu photo taken on a tram in Las Vegas at about 4 am when we were coming back from various casinos. The man in the back was pretty darn drunk but was able to hold his match long enough to get his face to glow. The guy in the front is my friend Dan.
Believe it or not, I did not use a strobe on this. It was purely all available light from the tram (hence the random colors) I had one but it killed the natural color so I decided to not use it.

The shot was taken at 1/30 of a second, aperture 2.8! and Iso 500 on my trusty Canon 30D (a great camera to carry around Las Vegas so you dont get your expensive ones stolen)

The reflection on the window of the guy was placed there in photoshop.

20 comments on “A photo that is not sports related!?”
  1. Jeff | | Reply

    Seriously no lights? How, you must teach me! LOL

  2. Danny | | Reply

    Lots of photoshop, Jeff

  3. Dan | | Reply

    This is HDR right? Did you use a tripod? Killer images!

  4. Dustin | | Reply

    No HDR on this one. I dont even know how to do HDR.
    Honestly, there wasn’t an incredible amount of photoshop done to the photo. Just a some brightening of the face and color adjustment. I will try to digg up the original and post it for ya.
    Thanks for looking!

  5. Peter | | Reply

    A great photo comes from great light……….or the photographer seeing the right light and knowing how to use it, artificial or natural. Not only is Dustin a great shooter, he is also a great lighting technician.

    Using the interior light above the guy like you have here Dustin is shear brilliance.
    Great blog,
    All the best

  6. Dan McNair | | Reply

    Thats a lot of DOF for f/2.8, it is a composite?

  7. Jay | | Reply

    Dustin, again a great image! You said all available light, but a lot of photoshop. I would love to have a glimpse of how this pictures turned out right out of camera, and see how you changed it by your processing. All of your pics have that surreal processing look to them!

  8. Vincent | | Reply

    I just found your blog and i am amazed! love that surreal look.
    May I ask how you do that?


  9. Ryan | | Reply

    Wow! Superb control of lighting. Not that you actually did. But the way you saw the ambient lights as they are is pretty damn amazing.

    Please do post the original photo if you find the time. It would really be a nice learning tool.

  10. Jeremy | | Reply

    You should have fibbed. I could have been convinced you had three strobes going off, with different gels on each.

    Nice PS, btw. Totally worth it.

  11. RUDY RENDER | | Reply

    What lens was this? Very sharp. I have a Canon 30D and never get photos like this. One of the noisiest camera’s I’ve used.

  12. ShoShoots | | Reply

    What Type of Lenses did you Use…

  13. Dustin | | Reply

    RUDY and SHOSHOOTS- I used a 16-35 2.8 L lens (canon) for this shot.

  14. Luis | | Reply

    dude i luv u and i hate u (of course the hate part is purely envy) amazing shot and no flash? ill try something like this, maybe it was the ISO i dunno but this is great portrait love it

  15. Alvin | | Reply

    My mind is blown. I can’t wait to see the original.

  16. romanticpurple | | Reply

    wow i can believe it came that setting, completely amazing. I love your retouch, and its so sharp. Make the tutorial please 😀

  17. Jesse | | Reply

    Amazing shot, I love your work. Would love to see the original if you still have it floating around.

  18. Dennis | | Reply

    that is sick, looks like a slick studio portrait for some sort of advertising campaign. I guess that’s the trick. make slick studio ad campaigns look like available light street snapshots and make available light street snap look like a slick studio set up

  19. TikTsin | | Reply

    16-35mm f2.8 thats a bomb of a lens. this is proper awesome considering there’s no strobe involved.

  20. virginia wedding | | Reply

    great work… been a fan for a while… thanks for sharing!


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