A photo that is not sports related!?

by Dustin Snipes on  May 8, 2008 |

Portrait on a Tram

I know, I know. Its weird. But I do take photos of things that do not have a stick and ball in them.
This was an impromptu photo taken on a tram in Las Vegas at about 4 am when we were coming back from various casinos. The man in the back was pretty darn drunk but was able to hold his match long enough to get his face to glow. The guy in the front is my friend Dan.
Believe it or not, I did not use a strobe on this. It was purely all available light from the tram (hence the random colors) I had one but it killed the natural color so I decided to not use it.

The shot was taken at 1/30 of a second, aperture 2.8! and Iso 500 on my trusty Canon 30D (a great camera to carry around Las Vegas so you dont get your expensive ones stolen)

The reflection on the window of the guy was placed there in photoshop.