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  •  by Dustin Snipes on  June 27, 2014 |
    Behind the scenes, Photoshoot, Portrait |

    Working with professional athletes is sometimes tricky. Like celebrities, you don’t really have very much time and you may even be limited in the activity you can have them do. For instance, our first shot (the cover shot) we had to know exactly what we wanted before we started because we had to have Paul jump and dunk over and over aga […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  April 12, 2014 |
    Athlete, Behind the scenes, Portrait |

    Here is another example of a body shot with Olympic hurdler David Oliver. This shoot we were focusing on David’s massive thighs but being a world class athlete kinda makes the rest of you muscular too.

    We ended up shooting the shots in a lobby inside the ESPN sports complex in Orlando Florida.

    Feel free to ask any questions in the […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  December 16, 2013 |
    Behind the scenes, Photoshoot, Portrait |

    When I was asked a few months back by Muscle & Fitness if I wanted to photograph Arnold Schwarzenegger for their October 2013 cover, there was zero hesitation in saying yes.How could I resist? Arnold is a legend, and I love his movies. Also, he’s probably the guy they base the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World off of. (T […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  September 5, 2013 |
    Quick post, Video |

    Here is a 15 second teaser video Alex Glass made of a photoshoot with Olympic Hurdler David Oliver.

    Photo caption: Olympic hurdler David Oliver looks at a shot from the photoshoot as Chris Garrison (left), photographer Dustin Snipes (the small guy in the middle) and assistant Patrick Cain (the only guy willing to wear flannel in FL) hu […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  January 4, 2013 |
    Athlete, Behind the scenes, Video |

    A behind the scenes look at a photoshoot on white background with Nascar sprint cup driver Kasey Kahne with a final tear sheet from the magazine.

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  May 25, 2011 |
    Behind the scenes, Location |

    Steve Smith Workout
    Over a year ago I was working with a great high school athlete and his trainer. The trainer mentioned to me that he and Steve Smith (NY Giants) do a beach workout from time to time. This sounded cool. Unfortunately it’s tough for photographers to directly pitch editorial departments on story ideas. Fortunately my fri […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  September 25, 2009 |
    Behind the scenes, Photoshoot |

    Here is a portrait I did of Football player Robert Woods a few months back. I couldn’t post it until it was printed.
    I was very happy with how the shots turned out on this shoot. Robert was a real class act to work with and even told me about Sand Dune Park! Where he works out…along with a bunch of other athletes including Kob […]

  •  by Dustin Snipes on  July 5, 2009 |
    Behind the scenes, Location |

    One of the baseball players I took pictures of for the cover of ESPN rise just graduated high school and was drafted 5th overall by the Orioles! Im really happy he went so high. Hes a great guy and I wish him the best.
    Here are some photos.